Beyond Amsterdam

Everyone knows Amsterdam, right?

But what do we really know about the city, the old city, the canals? Its major tourist attractions? And what else?

The purpose of this short film is to go beyond the expected, and make you discover the real face Amsterdam and its surroundings. The contrasts between the center and the neighbourhoods are really surprising. The atmosphere is different, it is much more peaceful and true, and we get the feeling of a really nice way of life of its inhabitants.

We spent 4 days immersing ourself in the neighbourhoods of the city, mainly Westerpark, which is an old industrial quarter that is living a real metamorphosis. Then, we spend some day experiencing the surroundings of Amsterdam, going to the Beach at Zandvoort, then to a more rural region called Waterland in old-Holland and finally to one of the most popular sport in the Netherlands, Keukenhof.

Do you want now to see the real face Amsterdam and the true way of life in the Netherlands?


Film Director:
Sylvain Botter, in collaboration with Jenny Botter

Original Score:
Ryan Tauber: Killing the Rock (License Musicbed)



Amsterdam Odyssey: customised tours:
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Keukenhof Tulips Garden:

And everyone, who have contributed to the creation of this short film.


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